17 September 2018

Minutes Of The Full Council Meeting Of Holton Le Clay Parish Council Held At The Village Hall, Pinfold Lane, Holton Le Clay At 7.00pm On Monday 17th September 2018.


Present: Councillor P. Rowntree (Chairman), Councillor H. Reynold (Vice-Chairman), Councillor S. Pratt, Councillor P. Warrener, Councillor P. Webster, Councillor S. Weller

In Attendance: Emma Harris – Clerk to the Parish Council

Councillor H. Marfleet – Lincolnshire County Council

4 members of the public


The public forum opened at 7.00pm.

Items discussed in open forum:

- Can a mirror be placed on a sharp bend in order to discourage speeding?

- Poor highways repairs around the village

- Orsted have been working outside the normal operating hours and vehicles have been heard entering/leaving the compound in the early hours of Sunday mornings.

- There have been a large amount of break-ins in The Crescent recently.

- Request from a member of the public to overturn the ‘no kerb stones’ policy in the cemetery – which was subsequently refused.

The public forum closed at 7.30pm


80. Chairmans Welcome:

The Chairman welcomed all those present and thanked them for their attendance.


81. To Receive Apologies For Absence:

No apologies were received. It was pointed out that due to his absence for a total of 6 months, Councillor Andrew Dulieu no longer qualified to be a member of the councillor and would be disqualified w.e.f 19.09.18.


82. To Receive Declarations Of Interest:

Councillor Reynolds declared an interest as a member of MERC. Councillor Webster declared an interest as a member of NDP. Councillor Beech declared an interest in Item 97 on the agenda.


83. To Approve The Minutes Of The Full Council Meeting Held On Monday 16th July 2018 And The Extraordinary Full Council Meeting Held On Wednesday 25th July 2018:

It was Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that the minutes of the full council meeting held on 16th July and the minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on 25th July be accepted as a true record.

Vote: one abstention, all in favour.


84. To Co-Opt Mr Michael Brae On To The Parish Council:

It was Resolved that Mr Brae would be Co-Opted on to the Parish Council.

Vote: All in favour


85. To Co-Opt Mrs Emma Beech On To The Parish Council:

It was Resolved that Miss Emma Beech would be co-opted on to the Parish Council.

Vote: All in favour. Miss Beech took her place at the council table.


86. To Receive A Report From Lincolnshire Police:

The clerk explained that a police report will no longer be given by the local police team as they have received instructions that they are no longer allowed to do this. If members of the public wish to view any crime related statistics etc they can do so by logging on to the Lincolnshire Police website.


87. To Receive A Report From The District Councillor:

Councillor Weller gave the following updates:

The Local Plan has now been approved.

Magna Vitae is holding dementia friendly cooking classes in the area for 6 weeks.

The Co-Op wish to remove the existing recycle bins from their car park and replace them with three large bins. Councillor Weller has contacted the refuse and recycling manager at ELDC and he is now in contact with the

Co-Op and discussions will take place on this subject very soon. If the Co-Op decide to pull out of the current agreement, the Parish Council will need to source an alternative location for recycle bins.


88. To Receive A Report From The County Councillor:

Councillor Marfleet explained that the new chief executive is now in post. Also, Richard Wills, the chief executive of highways will be standing down at the end of the month but his replacement has not yet been announced.

All I.T services at the County Council are undergoing an overhaul and the website will also be looked at for areas of improvement.


89. To Receive Reports From Outside Bodies:

Councillor Webster gave the following NDP update:

Councillor Webster called ELDC today regarding the Neighbourhood Plan, as she has had no further contact from Ann Shorland as to how it is progressing. Alex Murphy has taken over from Ann and he has today been talking to her regarding our Plan.

Unfortunately due to the new Data Protection Laws which came out earlier this year ELDC have had to review every part of their policies and documentation to make sure that they are correct and in accordance with legislation.

This has meant that the Contract between 3rd Party's and ELDC will in the next few weeks be looked at.

Until this document is updated to reflect current laws, the Holton le Clay Plan will not be sent out to the 3rd Party Inspector we have chosen.

Alex Murphy has contacted the Inspector today who has confirmed that he will still be able to look at our Plan.

He has estimated that if he gets the revised contract and our plan in the next 2/3 weeks he should have concluded his assessment by early December 2018.

Based on these timescales, this could mean that our Village referendum takes place early next year.


90. To Discuss Which Areas Are To Benefit From Kerb Edging For Two Days Free Of Charge By Glendale:

Tetney Lane and Louth Road will be requested to benefit from the free kerb edging.


91. Update From Councillor Reynolds On The Renovation Plans For Upstairs In The Village Hall:

Councillor Reynolds circulated different plans for the upstairs to councillors to see which option they preferred. It was RESOLVED that plan 04B would be used for the design. This would mean there will be two rooms to accommodate 16 people each with a walk in storage between the two rooms.

Vote: All in favour, 1 abstention.


92. Update From Councillor Reynolds Regarding A Merc Open Day:

MERC will be holding an open day on Saturday 22nd September between 12pm and 3pm in a bid to recruit some volunteers. It may also be a good opportunity to recruit new members of the parish council.


93. Proposed By Councillor Rowntree To Purchase Bulbs For The Village With A Budget Of £100:

It was Proposed, Seconded And Resolved that £100 worth of bulbs will be purchased for the village. Half will be planted by councillors and the clerk will offer the rest to residents to plant on grass verges.

Vote: All in favour.


94. Proposed By Councillor Reynolds To Apply For An Awards For All Grant To Replace The Climbing Frame/Slide On The Junior Playing Fields:

It was Resolved that Councillor Reynolds will apply for an Awards for All Grant.

Vote: All in favour.


95. Proposed By Councillor Reynolds To Install The Picnic Table At The Jpf And The New Bench On Louth Road Near The Chemist: one quote received to install using a thick concrete base at a cost of £800 or to install using four concrete anchor points at a cost of £400. A second quote was received at a cost of £1647 but this also included a quote for installation of the ‘soldier’ at the war memorial and also the new noticeboard at Peppercorn Walk.

It was Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that Mowns and Growns will be asked to install the picnic bench and park bench using a thick concrete base at a cost of £800.

Vote: All in favour.


96. Proposed By Councillor Reynolds To Pay For The Removal Of The Peppercorn Walk Noticeboard And Install A New One At A Cost Of £120: (Quote amended to £150).

It was Proposed, Seconded And resolved that the parish council will pay Mowns and Growns to remove and dispose of the old noticeboard and install the new one in Peppercorn Walk.

Vote: All in favour.


97. To Consider The Quote To Remove Three Dead Trees In The Cemetery At A Cost Of £450:

Councillor Beech advised that the trees in question are actually part of her land and that her fence has been placed incorrectly. She believes that the trees are her responsibility and not the parish councils. Therefore this item was struck from the agenda.


98. Proposed By Cllr Reynolds To Install A Disclaimer Notice At The Jpf And The Trim Trail To Ensure Users Do So At Their Own Risk: 2x Signs £47, Fitting £40

It was Proposed, Seconded And resolved that 2x disclaimer notices are ordered and installed for the JPF and the 8 ACRES.

Vote: All in favour.


99. To Consider Removing A Dead Plum Tree From The Jpf At A Cost Of £180:

It was Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that the plum tree is removed for safety reasons.

Vote: All in favour.


100. To Approve Section 137 Spending To Purchase Poppy Wreaths For The Remembrance Day Service. The Cost For This Last Year Was £41:

It was Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that Section 137 funds are used to purchase three poppy wreaths. Councillor Warrener will lay a wreath at the church and Councillor Beech will lower the flag and place a wreath at the war memorial.

Vote: All in favour


101. To Confirm By Resolution That The Parish Council Publishes All Of The Required Documents To Achieve The Foundation Award In The Local Council Award Scheme (list of criteria circulated via email to all councillors on 6th Sept):

It was Proposed, Seconded And Resolved that the clerk applies for the Local Council Foundation Award and it was agreed by resolution that the council meets all of the criteria.

Vote: All in favour


102. Financial Matters:

Financial Report as at 3rd September 2018 available on PDF

It was Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that the Financial Statement be accepted as a true record of the councils finances.

Vote: All in favour


103. Finance Report:

September 2018 Payments

Out of Committee Payments

DD Virgin Broadband Services £77.65

DD N Power Gas Usage Vill Hall £12.04

BACS Glendale 8 Acres £133.20

BACS Glendale Amenity Area £528.00

BACS Glendale JPF £28.08

bacs Staff Salaries £1,697.49

DD Scottish Power Elec Village Hal £89.00

BACS Duncan Toplis Payroll Services £60.00

BACS Abatis Cable Tidy Up £87.60

BACS LD Mower STIHL Blades £19.00

BACS HMRC PAYE Liabilities £213.37

BACS Mowns N Growns Cemetery Contract £302.00


BACS AOE Staff AOE £13.39

Total £3,284.31

It was Proposed, Seconded and Resolved that the finance report be accepted as a true record of the councils expenditure.

Vote: All in favour


104. Date And Time Of Next Meeting:


15th October 2018