Training Policy

Holton Le Clay Parish Council

Training Policy

Holton Le Clay Parish council is committed to providing training for staff and council members. It subscribes to and is supported by the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils – who provide a comprehensive range of training courses throughout the year.

All new councillors are encouraged to attend the ‘Councillors training Day’ and the Chairman is encouraged to attend the ‘Chairman and Clerks Training Day’. The clerk’s contract stipulates that the clerk must work towards completing the CiLCA qualification in order to become a ‘qualified clerk’.

All new Councillors are provided with a ‘New Councillors Pack’ when joining the Parish council. The pack contains the ‘Good Councillors Guide’ and the latest Standing Orders for the council.

When setting the budget and precept request the Parish Council makes allowances for a Training Budget for staff and council members.

Each staff member receives an annual appraisal with the staffing committee. This is an opportunity for any training needs to be identified and staff are able to request any training they feel would be beneficial to their role within the council.

By undertaking as much training as possible staff acquire more confidence in their work and have a better understanding of legislation in the workplace. This also helps to gain the confidence of members of the public and promotes a sense of professionalism from the Parish Council. There is a training record for all councillors and staff members which is available to view on the Parish Councils web site.

Training Needs are Identified in The Following Ways:

- Changes in legislation

- Staff appraisals

- Professional error

- New/revised qualifications introduced

- Complaints to the council

- Requests from staff members

- New/upgraded equipment


If the whole council requires training on a particular subject, the clerk will source the most appropriately qualified person to attend who will then cascade the training down to the rest of the council.

The Council keeps up to date with training matters by subscribing to LALC, the SLCC, NALC and journals such as The Clerk and Councils Direct.

The Council will continue to support the Clerk as a member of the Society of Local Council Clerks.

This document has been produced as a training strategy for the Council and will be reviewed annually by the Staffing committee.


Training Policy July 2020

Review Date July 2021