Strategic Business Plan 2019

Holton Le Clay Parish Council

Strategic Business Plan 2019

Reviewed by the Clerk and the Parish Council.

Adopted by Resolution of Holton Le Clay Parish Council 15th July 2019

Emma Harris, Parish Clerk and RFO

Holton Le Clay Parish Council, Village Hall, Pinfold Lane, Holton Le Clay DN36 5DL

01472 234566



The Strategic Business Plan aims to provide Holton Le Clay Parish Council residents with a clear understanding of the Councils objectives for the year. Its aims, objectives and priorities are set out in the document.

The Plan will enable the Parish Council to operate in a consistent and co-ordinated way. It will also give residents a clear understanding of what it can expect from its Parish Council throughout the year.

A strategic business plan will be produced annually.


The Parish and Its Council

Holton Le Clay Parish Council has been in existence for over 100 years – the earliest minute book dates back to 1909. Holton Le Clay is part of East Lindsey District Council and is located 5 miles south of Grimsby on the A16. The village is twinned with Sarge-les-Mans in France. In 1881 the village had 283 residents. Since then the population has grown to around 5000 and the village is still increasing in size.

The Parish Council has responsibility for the 8 Acres Playing Field, The Junior Playing Field and the War Memorial in the village. It also absorbs the cost of grass cutting in the village. The parish has two sets of parish gardens that are managed by the clerk to the council. In recent years the parish council has had an Adult Trim Trail installed on the 8 Acres Playing Field, new play equipment on the Junior Playing Field and bins and benches around the village.

The village is home to the 100 Squadron and the war memorial is dedicated to the soldiers and airmen who were based there during the war. The Parish Council has purchased 3 information display tables which give a fascinating insight into the airfield and the history of the 100 Squadron. With a generous donation from the 100 Squadron members it has also installed a beautiful commemorative bench at the memorial site which has been well received by residents of the village.

Even though the village is growing all of the time, it has retained its rural character with many beautiful walks and places of interest. There is a good community spirit that becomes obvious particularly during the summer months when the parish holds its annual Scarecrow Festival. Many of the residents take part in this quirky tradition, creating scarecrows to display in the gardens, on roof tops and even hanging from trees.

The Neighbourhood Development team for Holton Le Clay has conducted extensive surveys in order to gather resident’s views on the issues that affect them within the village. They carried out surveys in preparation for the Neighbourhood Plan. To reach out to a wider range of age groups they used Facebook and Street Life social networks to target specific age groups. Additionally, a survey aimed at teenagers was carried out in the local schools and shoppers were asked questions outside the local businesses.

These surveys are very useful to the parish council in their decision making. In response to the opinion that villagers value the service provided by the Village Hall, plans are underway to renovate the first floor of the hall in order to provide residents with even more facilities.

The Parish Council communicates with its villagers via a monthly newsletter, noticeboards, website and more recently a Facebook page.

The Council establishment consists of 11 members. Currently there are 10. It employs a maintenance operative and a Qualified Clerk on a part time basis. The Clerk is responsible for the management of the council’s finances, the running of the parish gardens and also takes responsibility for the burial ground.

The parish council takes great pride in the village and its history and will endeavour to continue to serve its residents and maintain the character of the village for years to come.


Management Systems

The Parish Council operates under adopted Standing Orders and Financial regulations which are adopted annually or as legislation dictates. All key documents, policies and procedures are published on the Parish Councils website.

Specifications and maintenance programmes are in place for all contracted works such as village grass cutting and cemetery maintenance. A copy of the Parish Councils asset register is attached (appendix A)

The Parish Council uses the RBS Rialtas Omega accounting software and produces financial reports monthly. The payroll is undertaken by a private accounts company.

Fire Safety Risk Assessments are carried out annually by an industry specialist. Annual checks are also carried out relating to: financial monitoring, effective budgeting, insurance provision, PAT testing, gas safety checks and a shutter service.


The Vision for the Council

The Parish Council aims to develop and sustain a sense of community within the village of Holton Le Clay by addressing environmental, social, economic and planning matters and delivering quality services to the residents.

It provides a democratic, transparent and representational voice for the community.

It aims to ensure that precept income is spent effectively, ensuring value for money is achieved. It is aware of changes in Government Legislation and alters its practices accordingly.

The Council aims to work closely with Statutory Bodies, local businesses and organisations within the village. It encourages attendance by villagers to the monthly meetings and gives them the opportunity to ask questions at all of its public meetings. Six of the Councillors live within the village and are therefore well informed on the issues and problems that affect the residents.

The finances and procedures are scrutinised annually by both internal and external audits.



The Precept (the element of the Council Tax which is requested by Holton Le Clay Parish Council) is public money and it is the council’s highest priority to ensure that it is spent effectively.

All of the Councils spending activities are transparent with a monthly finance report being delivered at each meeting, documented in the minutes and also published on the website.

The Parish Council aims to set the lowest council tax it can to cover its financial commitments and has just increased the precept for the first time in 3 years. In order to continually deliver a quality service to its residents it seeks funding opportunities in the form of grant applications and Section 106 monies.

When undertaking works that cost more than £250 the Clerk to the Council always seeks to obtain a minimum of three quotes in order to get the most cost effective solution.

A copy of the 2019/20 budget is attached to this document (Appendix B)


Core Values – The Seven Nolan Principles

Selflessness Holders of public office should solely in terms of the public interest. They should not act to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.

Integrity Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.

Objectivity In carrying out public business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, holders of public office should make choices purely on merit.

Accountability Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.

Openness Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly demands.

Honesty Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest.

Leadership Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.


Holton Le Clay Parish Council Action Plan 2019/20

This document sets out the aims and objectives for Holton Le Clay Parish Council for the year ahead.


April 2019

Place order for WW1 Roll of Honour Lectern

Clerk/RFO to order a WW1 Roll of Honour engraved lectern for placement at the RAF/War memorial on the A16

The Vice Chair has applied for a District Councillors Grant of £450 to pay for this project.

Lectern installed on 17th May 2019


May 2019

Entry to Best Kept Village Competition 2019

The Clerk/RFO will complete an entry form for the Best Kept Village competition. Holton Le Clay won the competition in 2016 and it is hoped that this success can be repeated. This is an excellent accolade for the village and promotes pride among the community.

Proposed by the Vice Chair to enter the competition in 2019.

Clerk and Maintenance Operative to identify any areas of the village that require attention in anticipation of the judging for the competition. Clerk to write an article for the Holton News magazine encouraging residents to spruce up their gardens and add hanging baskets etc where possible.

Entry to Best Kept Village made – awaiting results


June 2019

New climbing frame needed for Junior Playing Field due to the old one being old/worn and damaged in places.

Vice Chairman to apply for Awards for All Grant of £10,000.


Junior School to be consulted on which type of climbing frame they prefer out of a choice of two.

Vice Chairman and Clerk to take the lead on this.

Pictures of the two climbing frame options sent out to the junior school and a poll held to decide which apparatus is preferred.

New climbing frame installed W/C 2nd September 2019


Proposal to purchase a WW1 Commemorative Bench for the war memorial

Clerk to place order for bench.

Councillor Boon to take the lead on fundraising for the project.

Bench installed August 2019


Proposal for lights in Village Hall to be updated with LED lights.

Clerk to liaise with the electrician to obtain quotes and establish a date for installation.

Clerk to take the lead on this.


July 2019

Trees on Junior Playing to be trimmed back and dead trees removed.

Clerk to obtain quotes for this work.

Clerk to take the lead on this.

Work completed November 2019


Four benches to be purchased for the 8 Acres Playing Field.

Clerk to order 4 new benches and obtain quotes for installation on concrete bases.

Clerk to take the lead.

Benches installed October 2019 with plaques


Wire fence to be moved on the allotment and plot to be levelled and grass seeded.

Clerk to obtain quotes for this.

Clerk to take the lead on this.

Work completed September 2019


August 2019

Parish council to apply for the NALC Quality Council Award

Clerk to update the website and ensure that all policies and procedures are up to date and ready for assessment by the NALC panel.

Clerk to take the lead.

Award applied for – awaiting results


September 2019

Information display tables to be installed on the Junior Playing Field Wildlife Area

Clerk has applied for a Community Champions Grant from the Co-Op and for a grant from the Nineveh Trust.

Clerk to take the lead on this project. Clerk to design two information tables containing information on the local wildlife that can be seen in the area.


Bulb planting at the cemetery driveway

Anglian Water will be match funding £100 worth of bulbs for the cemetery driveway

Clerk to co-ordinate a group of volunteers to work with Anglian Water on bulb planting.

Completed September 2019


October 2019

War Memorial to be prepared for Remembrance Day

The War Memorial will be cleaned and tidied, benches jet washed and the flag pole will be cleaned. A new flag will also be raised.

The War memorial is considered a tourist attraction within the area and it is important that the parish council continues to maintain the area for future generations.

The War Memorial at the entrance to the village is a source of pride for local residents. It pays tribute to the squadron that was based at the airfield during the war.

Completed November 2019


Information Tables for the Community Wildlife Garden to be installed

Clerk has applied for a Community Grant from the Co-OP and is awaiting the Community Champions Award

Once the grant is awarded, three information tables to be purchased to complete the community wildlife garden


November 2019

Turning circle to be installed in the cemetery in order to provide easy turning space for hearses and visitors to the cemetery.

Councillor Reynolds and clerk to obtain quote for this.

Councillor Reynolds and Clerk to take the lead.

Work completed September 2019


Appendices on PDF