Some of the earliest burial records date back to January 1931.  All the records are being computerised in 2010, making it easier to trace all the burials that have taken place, but we are to continue recording the details manually in the burial books held. 

The Cemetery is split into Sections A - J, with the oldest burials being in Section B, and the newest in Section J.  There are also two areas dedicated to the burial of Ashes/cremated remains, these are situated in Section A and I.

The Cemetery is a quiet and calm place to visit, it has three benches for people to sit and rest near the Wall of Remembrance and one on the entrance to the Cemetery, set in a tranquil area of the village.

The Cemetery is maintained by the Parish Council, who employs a Caretaking and Maintenance contractor to cut the grass, hedges and trim the trees when required.  Also to tidy and remove all rubbish from site.  The maintenance is done with hand held machines, not commercial equipment, so to ensure that all the headstones and plots are not damaged.

The Parish Council has a strict policy for erecting memorials and kerb stones of any kind are no longer permitted.

Wall of Remembrance

This was built in 2005 to have a plaque erected in memory of those that have passed away.  For more information and Application Form please contact the Clerk to the Burial Board at the Parish Council Offices.